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About TBP Global

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About TBP Global

Q: What exactly is the Team Building Project?

A: TBP Global is essentially a community of people working together to achieve financial success for the entire team. TBP Global utilizes a proprietary technology platform that enables you to build a large global network marketing downline, and subsequently plug your downline team into multiple income generating business opportunities.

As a TBP Global member you receive a state-of-the-art back office that includes a full genealogy platform to manage and track your teams growth. In addition, you have access to proven tools and resources to help you build your team completely online.

TBP Global IS NOT:

  • A multilevel marketing (MLM) company nor do we compete with any MLM company.
  • A list building or e-mail bulk marketing web site.
  • A manufacturer or distributor of products or services.

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Q: Is this a pyramid scheme?

A: Absolutely Not. An illegal pyramid scheme is defined as 'A business that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme'. TBP Global is simply a project designed to help you pre-position yourself for success. It's free to join and no funds are exchanged.

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Q: How do I retrieve my messages?

A: To retrieve your messages log into your back office and click on the 'Message Center' link.

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Q: I did not receive my account activation code. What do I do?

    Click here to have your activation code re-sent to your e-mail address.

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Q: I'm having trouble logging into my back office, what do I do?

  1. Shut down and restart your browser, then try logging in again.
  2. E-mail and password are case sensitive.
  3. Retrieve and confirm your log in information here.

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Q: I sponsored someone, why don't they show up in my downline?

A: Most likely they have not yet activated their position by clicking on the activation link provided in their confirmation e-mail. Once they activate their position you will see them in your downline report.

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Q: Can a position be moved or a sponsor changed after someone has joined?

A: No. Positions cannot be moved or sponsors changed after signing up. Why? Because several people the your TBP upline have already been notified of the new members placement on their team. This is why TBP Global members are cautioned several times to ensure their referrals are using their unique member referral link.

When someone visits the sign up page, their sponsors name is clearly displayed at the top of the sign up form and they are provided with clear instructions on what to do if they do not recognize the name of the sponsor listed. Also, the person signing up must check a box on the sign up form to acknowledge the sponsor name listed above is in fact correct.

Individuals that deactivate their positions and sign up again are permanently deactivated from the program.

The integrity of TBP Global will not be undermined by moving members around after they have signed up.

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Q: How do I change my member profile information?

A: Log into your back office and click on the "Update My Profile" link.

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Q: How do I cancel my registration?

A: Log into your back office, click on 'Update Profile Information', the click 'Deactivate My Position'.

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Have a question you'd like us to add to our FAQ?

Great - we would love to consider it. Please use the contact us page to submit your suggestion.

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